One Fantastic Course!


5000 foot elevation gain (on the 80K)!  Gravel stretches!  Quiet narrow, rural lanes.  FANTASTIC visuals one after the other of Mt. Hood, the surrounding scenic valleys, and incredible country estates!  And as a "fondo" you'll have the OPPORTUNITY TO SOAK IT ALL IN and REALLY ENJOY THE MOST OUTSTANDING RIDE IN THE CLOSE-IN PORTLAND METRO AREA!!!  WOW!  It just doesn't get better than this!!!!





Both the 80K and the 50K share the identical course over and around Pete's Mountain (the first mountain) before swinging back towards town.   The course then slips across Interstate 5 and to the far side of the new Villebois development. Here the the 50K course splits off heading back towards Memorial Park.

The 80K course, however, goes on up and around the second mountain (Parrett Mountain) before returning to the park. Total elevation gain of over 5000 feet for the whole course, and three stretches of GRAVEL!!!



 Magnificent views!  Magnificent course!  Gorgeous tree-lined, quiet, country roads.  Rolling along mountain-top ridges and pedaling  by stunning and well appointed country estates.  These are surrounded by peaceful pastures and equestrian fields where horses laze in the warm summer sun.  Then there are the passing scenic and actively producing vineyards with their burgeoning crops eagerly maturing into those various yummy "fruits of the vine"!  Still further there are the stunning outlooks popping up all along the course.  These provide direct views towards the surrounding scenic Chehalem and Tualatin Valleys.  Many others give gorgeous panoramas that unfold directly towards snow-clad Mt. Hood  -  shimmering in the sparkling distance above the eastern horizon.  WOW!! 

ABOUT THE GRAVEL SECTIONS -  There is roughly 5K of gravel. It is all hard pack no chunk (unless Yamhill county does something). Short section on Corral Creek Rd which is under 1/4mi, maybe 1/2mi on Schaad Rd which is downhill, and then 1.5-2mi up Kramien which is smooth dirt/gravel. I will be riding a carbon road bike with Conti 25s as reference. Not my gravel bike. 

in response to gravel concerns and requests we are adding a third route that will avoid the gravel.  It is only 60K (20K shorter), 1200 feet less, and misses the second rest stop. Just register for the 80K, and we'll make the change at registration - thus we won't have to change the OBRA registration process.

It's hard to think that the whole course is so quietly tucked away and yet so conveniently located just a few miles away from the crazy hustle and bustle of those hectic streets of downtown Portland!  AND THIS IS THE CHANCE TO DO IT WITH THE FUN OF A WHOLE GANG OF CYCLING ENTHUSIASTS OUT TOGETHER FOR A GREAT DAY OF SPECTACULAR BICYCLING!!!  REGISTER TODAY!!! QUICK!!!


And don't forget the cedar plank salmon dinner waiting for you when you get back to the park!




We plan to have two break stops - one for everybody mid-way of the 50K, and one mid-way on the balance of the 80K course.  

The first stop is a HUGHES WATER GARDEN - a delightful  garden shop with all kinds of plants, fountains, pumps, etc. for our homes and garden.  Directly behind the tables with the goodies and water and pop ups, is an enchanting pond - completely surrounded by shady trees and a cool little path encircling the pond.  Talk about a beautiful, cool, sheerly enjoyable place to stop and take a break!!!  WOW!!!!!  You're not gonna find much better!!!!  HUGHES WATER GARDEN is a FANTASTIC PLACE - and not to just stop and relax on the route!!!!!

The second stop is near the top of Parrett Mountain - a place called "BOB'S CORNER".  It's nestled right in the crook of a 90 degree corner on the route.  A neat little grove of shady oak trees awaits to provide a cool, place to stop and relax.  Bob's Corner is an undeveloped park that the Chehalem Park & Recreation District is currently doing a master plan for.    NOTE: for those choosing the middle length route to avoid the gravel, you will be missing this neat little spot!



Should there be any need, we will have some riders in the group set up to assist with flat tires and/or other issue that may come up.  The rest stops will also have a minimal supply of things to help out.


Maps for the 80K, 60K, & 50K Routes

(Click on the maps to check the courses out in detail!)

80K Route

60K Route

50K Route



The 80K, 60K, & the 50K Riders will all leave at 9:00 am in a mass start.



Registration is $65.00 (Ride, Dinner, & Medallion)
Registration after July 1 is $85.00  (new date)
Dinner only for family members/public $26.00

Registration is through the OBRA web site through the above link